We have a small workshop offering high quality guitar maintenance. Before visiting the shop with your instrument please check below to confirm the services we offer suit your requirements. Also, your guitar and case must be hoovered and wiped inside and out, including the soundhole interior. Restrings and standard setups are usually turned around within 24-48hrs.

We CANNOT undertake the following:

- Any work on new, ex-demo or b-stock instruments purchased from other retailers.

- Any work on PRS, Martin, Ibanez, ESP, Santa Cruz and Sugi instruments bought from other retailers.

- Any work on amplifiers, pedals, PA, keyboards or outboard electronics.

- Resprays, repairing cracks & breaks, replacing bridges or fretboards.

We CAN undertake the following:

- Please hoover the guitar and case before arriving and be prepared to leave it and await a call to discuss and collect. Each job is booked into a time slot.

- Restringing costs £30 plus strings. Strings range from £10-20. This job includes tuning, fretboard conditioning and polishing.

- Setups cost £50 plus strings (see prices above) and includes restringing, tuning, fretboard conditioning, polishing, string/pickup heights, intonation, string heights (if adjustable), fixing oil and tension check, and truss rod adjustment if required. Guitars with floating bridges are an extra £20.

- Fret dressing costs £50-100. Smoothing off sharp fret edges £50. Nut shaping £30. New bone nuts shaped to suit your strings costs £50.

- All wiring mods or repairs start from £50. Full rewires £100 plus wire. Pickup installation £50 (pickup supplied must be unopened with warranty so that you can return if not working). Copper shielding of control cavity £50. All pots, switches and wire are ordered in as required or if supplied must be unopened with warranty so that you can return if not working.

- If there is a problem we have and diagnosed and you choose not to proceed with the repair then there is a £30 charge to cover the time.